Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A logo I'll wear.

So I NEVER wear logos on my clothing. I hate them. They're tacky. It's free advertising for the company and conspicuous consumption to boot. But this is different! Donate $12 or more to MoveOn.org's Obama fund and you'll get a tastefully-designed Obama shirt, in your size, made with American Apparel tees. I just donated $25 and plan on wearing mine on days I feel lazy AND politically passionate. (That's pretty much every day.)

Watch McCain come out with some avant-garde Yohji Yamamoto latex bodysuit as a counter-gift to show he's "with those young folks".

I'm begging Henry Holland to design a "More of the Same John McCain" House of Holland tee. (Did you know his latest says "Flick yer bean for Agyness Deyn"?! Hilarious.)

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Dennise said...

Ooh, I do like that t-shirt as well! I'm inspired to donate some money as well.