Friday, September 5, 2008

Fall Must-Haves

Zip-front dresses

Full miniskirts

Pops of orange

Floral dresses

Leather jackets

Plaid shirts

How convenient it is that Refinery 29's list of Fall Must-Haves coincides exactly with mine. Oh, and I own those first two dresses! See the rest of the list here.

{via Fashion Nation}


Brandi said...

I just did a little you-inspired montage of fall fashion lust (via Urban Outfitters, not your dreamy designer labels..) and I almost put a leather bomber jacket on there. But, I felt embarrassed because it wasn't real leather and thought of how you might cringe. LOL, I suck! I have all my lovely new plaid shirtdresses though...they are a dream...with jeans (my fave) or alone.

allison said...

Oh pish posh! I wear fake leather all the time. The only real leather I own goes on my feet.

And at this point, I can't even afford Urban Outfitters. I am broke. No more shopping for me! Just daydreaming...

I'd REALLY love a plaid shirtdress, though.

Brandi said...

Can you afford thrifting/goodwilling? you seem like you'd have a keen eye for that and you'd have even more street cred!