Thursday, June 26, 2008

sooooo good!

as much as i love the breadth of independent music (and good mainstream music) out there, i sometimes get into these habits of listening to only one artist, compulsively, at a time. right now it's metric. emily haines is just so so good. i love how her music is political without coming off as cheesy or heavy-handed. she writes about consumerism, the vapid nature of modern society, the false pretenses surrounding the iraq war AND relationships, to boot. why can't rihanna/taylor swift/whoever's popular these days sing about all that? she also has a killer voice and the melodies are so so catchy.

there are so many good metric songs, but this was my first. i think it was her reference to lenny bruce that sealed the deal.

metric - on the sly


Brandi said...

I am such a huge Metric fan as well! Hustle Rose and many of the songs from that album are my favorite. My boss became obsessed with Grow Up and Blow Away about a year ago after I got him hooked. I also love Parkdale.

We saw them in concert one time too...soooo good. She looked adorable.

allison said...

there are too many amazing metric songs to count. hustle rose, on the sly, raw sugar, hardwired, rock me now, calculation theme, succexy, iou, portrait of a girl, empty, torture me....i could go on and on.

i want to see them in concert!