Monday, June 23, 2008


yesterday the LA times announced that big hair is back. that's good and bad for me. good because i love the look, bad because my hair isn't naturally big. actually, it's naturally pretty thin and flat, but on days i have the energy, i'm all about volumizing, thickening, teasing, and waving my hair. i just bought a new back comber and it's AMAZING. thank you sally's beauty supply!

that being said, the LA times needs to rethink its editors. i can't believe they let this image print as an example of "good big hair". the poor girl looks ridiculous:

doesn't that say stepford wife/beauty pageant/electric shock victim rather than big, sexy, voluminous hair? see: angelina.

{source: la times}


Miranda said...

that is great because i'm always trying to get my high as big as possible. the bigger the hair the closer to god? or some such.

i was curling it today and it was biiiiiiiiiiigtastic. but i tied it back thinking the folks at work wouldn't understand :(

Brandi said...

I always had a thing for big hair. I probably still do, but after letting it grow out for a couple years to get closer to the Angelina look, I decided I'd had it--it just never works, and then I get frustrated.

So, I did the nice little thinned out, organic-feeling short hair thing and it is working way better for me. I have noticed that I don't even have to do anything except straighten my bangs when I wake up! My hair actually dries into slight, whimsical waves which look really cool, but subtle, with the way it is pieced out.

I'm glad I gave up on the big hair dreams--for now (I still have all the teasing combs, volumizing sprays, etc. tucked away somewhere). ;-)