Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a gift.

hey everyone,

would anyone like this dress? i bought it off ebay from rhiannon (of the lovely liebemarlene vintage) and it looks awful on me. literally like a circus dog. it's a size XS/S and the measurements are:
Bust: 38 in.
Waist: 22 in. to 30 in.
Length: 28 in.

if you want it, leave a comment. if there are multiple comments, i'll pick the winner at random. once we have a winner, i'll tell you who it is and you can PM me your address. i'll send it ASAP, free of charge!

{images via liebemarlene vintage}


juliet small ernst said...

hi there! i've just discovered your blog through the wonderful bona drag and am enjoying it thoroughly. and hey, sure--i'd like that dress! any other takers?

i feel a little funny volunteering as a first-time visitor, but as long as you're offering... :)

Rosa C. said...

omg i saw that dress on there and i really wanted it but it went for quite a lot :[ i don't know if it would look right on me though! but i really really like it!

please please please i really wanted this every since i saw it!

btw, your so generous just giving it away!

Miranda said...

i'll take it!


Rosa C. said...

oh wait i've changed my mind and i can't delete my message. i do really like the dress, but i don't need it really! i'm sure someone else would make more use of it :] sorry lol

allison said...

ha! that makes things a bit easier. juliet vs. miranda, we'll see how it goes. i'm going to do the whole "scraps of paper in a top hat" thing for posterity.