Tuesday, June 3, 2008

what dreams may come.

there are some labels that make me swoon. mayle and lyell are both oh-so-delicious, both vintage-inspired, perfectly tailored and way over my budget. have you heard of them? if not, prepare yourself.

1. lyell

i first heard the name lyell when reading the blog of the most sartorially blessed the snail and the cyclops. i figured anything coveted by one of my fashion icons must be brilliant in and of itself. how right i was! okay, really, it was obvious. the credit goes to uh...what's her name? er, ms. cyclops. more recently, there's a featurette in this month's US elle about the label.

lyell is based in new york and their clothes are the decades 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s all rolled into one (read: lovely as all hell.) see for yourself (images from past and current collections):

^cheer up, dear model. you look smashing.

2. mayle

i believe mayle is fairly well-known, but it wasn't to me when i first opened my eyes to the world of fashion (um, a few months ago.) so, no intentional condescension here! jane mayle, the british-born daughter of peter mayle (who wrote "a year in provence"), moved to the states when she was 10 and is now based in nyc. a former model, "Mayle describes her style as having 'Parisian propriety' with a heady dash of 'British irreverence'. 'It's never about one time period or one sensibility from head to toe,' she explains."

(pictures from past and current collections, quote from telegraph)

honorable mentions to alexander wang, heimstone, karen walker, and catherine holstein. you all get gold stars too, and maybe even a blog post if you stay good! (i'm looking at you heimstone. that fall collection looks a bit wonky, no?)


girl on the wing said...

ooo, these are lovely! and i'd never heard of either label. i especially love the black lyell dress *swoons*

han x

p.s. thanks for the add :)

laura said...

I was clicking through Lyell's website, and the sixth image in is gorrgeousss!!


Brandi said...

Hey did you already know about Ms. Cyclops before me, or did I actually open your eyes to something? *feels honored if so*

allison said...

it was you, brandi, it was all you!

Miranda said...

oh geez, why did you show me this??
whenever i think of how i WANT to dress...it is that of the 40s/70s rolled into one.

off to stalk some lyell

Ash1314 said...

wow the second dress that the "gwenyth Paltrow" look alike is wearing is beyond words..I love it....