Thursday, June 12, 2008

oversensitive liberal rant

i admit that my primary source of news on thursdays is jezebel (on other days it's my first love, NPR), but have you all heard that fox news has been calling michelle obama, the distinguished WIFE of democratic presidential hopeful barack, his "baby mama"? yes, it rhymes (how cute!), but do you think this would happen if he (or she) were white? how disgustingly low can fox news get? michelle malkin manages to make ann coulter look like mother theresa.

fox news calls michelle obama "obama's baby mama"


Daniela said...

this enrages me! can they be any more blatant with their racist/sexist remarks? i cannot believe that more people/networks aren't covering this?????? i think it is hilarious how utterly disgusted conservative republicans were when mccain won the nomination (coulter herself said she would work for hillary clinton if he won the nomination) and now they have turned him into their new "martyr." i once respected mccain, but he has so distanced himself from who he once was, i hardly recognize him. this is very telling of his character. i do so enjoy when you mix politics with your fashion!

Closet Cupcake said...

I recommend the documentary "Outfoxed," if you haven't yet seen it. Great blog btw. Saw your entry on TFS's member blog thread.