Thursday, June 26, 2008

patriarch in an suv

today i had the most surreal experience. i was in fredericksburg, babysitting my four-year-old sister, on the way to cvs to get some band-aids. my feet are all banged up since i spent the whole day yesterday in dc, showing my friend justin's australian guests around, in heels to boot (i suffer for fashion.)

anyway, this roving suv started speeding up next to me, and the guy driving it kept making weird gestures at me. first he rolled down his window to say something, then he motioned like he was shooting a shotgun, and then he used his fingers as if to show how far apart or wide something was. he also had a carfull of kids in the back, each with their own television screen, but they were all staring at me. me and my four-year-old sister.

it was just weird. whenever i'm in fburg i get a lot of mean looks, probably because i have a bumper sticker that says "fermez le bush" (a play on words; fermez la bouche means shut up in french.) i thought bush's approval ratings were dreadfully low, but maybe all his supporters live in fredericksburg?

i think random strangers feel comfortable picking on me cause i'm little. i know i'm putting myself out there by wearing my political views on my sleeve, but if i were big and imposing, people wouldn't be half as brave....

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