Saturday, June 14, 2008

fashion icon: the snail and the cyclops

like camille and louise, some girls are just instant internet superstars. the snail and the cyclops (discovered via brandi!) has been wardrobe remixing for ages, blogging for some time, and selling cute things on etsy for less than a month.

i'm normally not the biggest fan of blondes, but she has this 40s glamour that she reflects in her wardrobe that i just love. sometimes it's hard to wear all vintage without looking costumey, but she never does. she's also ignited my love for t-straps.

here are some of her best outfits:

{images via the snail and the cyclops' photostream}

(pssst: unintentional internet stalking - i swear! - led me to discover she goes by "effie". perfect!)

1 comment:

Miranda said...

hmm..i'm just not a fan of this sort of look.

some internet fame i just don't understand.