Wednesday, June 18, 2008


this week i am in a funk. it might be because of my particularly bad sunday, girl hormones (us womens is unstable!), general anomie, or something else.

so...not much on the fashion front. i just won a cute dress on ebay, but i've been pulling out old clothes that don't really display any fashion prowess. my work, though almost done, is torture. i thought i was getting the hang of web design, but now it seems that everything i do is wrong. it doesn't help that a lot of the web designers on coding forums are completely condescending (thank you brandi, for always being patient!)

it's just frustrating because i don't feel like i have sufficient training to be doing what i'm doing. but then again, i've come this far.

i hate perusing blogs when i'm down, because they all seem like they have everything so together! i guess it's a facade for most, but with their pretty pictures and perfect design and charming stories, i feel even more down about myself.

but when did this blog become a diary? sorry about that.

on the music front, i've been listening to lots of emily haines. my bandwith should increase soon, so expect some tunes!


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Brandi said...

You're welcome!!!

This should make you feel less sad:

Poor Ayala is in quite a sad spot :(

(and don't worry--you'll learn everything you want to just takes some time...I am way ahead of where I was when I graduated and felt really dumb only a few years ago. In fact, I am going to my first RefreshDC web design/dev meetup tonight which I was never brave enough to attend before, and I still feel like a little kid! I hope they like me...)