Saturday, June 21, 2008


i am incapable of taking a good self-portrait. i tried today using the bathroom mirror and took a picture of my arm, stomach, and my dad's toothbrush (seriously.)

i'll admit it: i have a susie bubble complex (she's lovely and has gotten past it, thank goodness!) where i just generally dislike my face. i have good days and bad days, but i think i am usually unphotogenic thanks to my big polish nose. i'm actually, if you want full self-disclosure, contemplating rhinoplasty. because of this, i shy away from having my picture taken. narcissistic as it may be, i'm trying to get over it by taking lots of self-portraits.

this new lens is much more flattering since it sucks up light like a blackhole. i saw these pictures and thought, "dear god! is that me?"...not that i think i'm the next audrey hepburn, just that it wasn't a total pity party of one.

so, two self-portraits, along with today's outfit. and dear god, i'm sorry i'm so pigeon-toed. i know it's considered fey or whatever, but i just look like i have a disease.

{aa tank, rotter and friends tank, aa skirt, nine west sandals}

psst..."cabaret" by the concretes is heavenly.


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Rosa C. said...

wow, you are stunning! you have such a beautiful face and i love your hair too :]

Miranda said...

what are you talking about!? your nose is great.
you're very pretty.

Anonymous said...

You're gorgeous! I like your nose and I love the outfit.