Friday, May 23, 2008

yellow is...

the "it" color of spring 2008. at least that's what i got when i googled "yellow is". (also, it's "the new black" and the color evoked by light that stimulates the long- and medium-wavelength cone cells of the retina about equally, if you did not know!)

i own a lot of yellow, specifically mustard. obvs.


{h&m top, AA skirt, steve madden flats, sabina bag}

(psst...that spot is not a nipple.)

my sunday graduation-party outfit, chopped into bits and washed out by the lighting:

{church and state dress, rachel comey belt, seychelles wedges}

(dear sotto shopkeeper, these are NOT the promised pictures for you. i'll get a friend to help with that!)


Daniela said...

this dress is amazing! where did you get it? i have that same aa skirt...just in a different yours see-through?

allison said...

thanks! it's by church and state, a portland label, and i got it from sotto boutique (at

my skirt is actually quite opaque...what color is yours?