Friday, May 16, 2008

and the winner is....

after ordering three shoes on (because of their fabulous selection, free overnight shipping and free returns), i have finally decided on the shoe to go with my graduation dress.

i ordered two blue pairs and one silver, but i just could not bring myself to wear the silver shoes. technically they matched, and my dad said "ooh! that looks lovely!" but they looked and felt cheap. i have a thing against silver shoes that aren't almost-bone or space-age/mod.

so here are the shoes i'll wear! they're a tad dark (very navy, not smokey blue like i had hoped) for my dress, but hopefully they'll look appropriately light in the sun.

{ak anne klein foxie pump}

1 comment:

roxanne said...

those shoes are lovely.

i've had this perfect pair of black anne klein flats that are so classic, but they're starting to show their age, unfortunately.. i'm sure yours will last you long after graduation, as well.