Friday, May 23, 2008

silly things.

i like to harp on urban outfitters and yet i am a sometimes-buyer (why do i do it? the CEO is an uber-republican, and i'm not wishy-washy on politics. i snapped at my sister's new boyfriend when he asked whether either of the democratic nominees was any better than mccain, and now i think he's terrified of me.)

i wasn't impressed with either of these items on the site, but other girls have made them look so desirable that i bought them. i guess i'm a sucker.

1. hawks by geren ford sailor dress

on the site (looking meh):

and yet...:

{via no good for me}

2. skinny feather headband

on the site (making me nauseous trying to see the picture straight):

and yet... (what a cute little hipster she is!):

{via chic clinic}

maybe urban needs to enlist some new models?


Laurel said...

Ciao ciao, bella! We spoke awhile ago about those amazing (and amazingly cheap) sandals from Old Navy on tFS. I love your Church and State dress, it's phenomenal.

allison said...

why thank you!

nv said...

i have that hairband! i lurve it :)