Monday, March 31, 2008

scandinavia: so hot right now

i'm convinced that if i lived in sweden, norway, or denmark i would dress infinitely better. i love perusing scandinavian style blogs and i'm always shocked at how YOUNG some people look. when i was 14, i certainly wasn't capable of constructing some of the ensembles i see. part of the reason scandinavians dress so well has got to be the abundance of amazing streetwear designers from the region. more than just h&m, there's wood wood, nudie, acne, and whyred, to name a few.

of sweden is another label i can't get enough of. launched in spring of 2005 and shortly awarded the "best new designer" award by swedish elle thereafter, dagmar is run by three sisters.

their dresses, which i like best, are both modern and timeless. they have an amazing logo as well.

{via designer's library}

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Anonymous said...

I'm laughing right now, seariously scandinavia isn't hot at all. i live in Finland (next door neighbour of sweden), and we've got some people here who don't know how to dress up at all. It's an illusion, so don't bother dreaming about scandinavia. besides it's cold in here. p.s some nice styles can be found from