Thursday, March 13, 2008

it's FINALLY over.

my ebay auction has finally ended, FINALLY, after going through a 9-day auction twice. ebay cancelled the seller's auctions the first time because they had a myspace link in their ebay store, and that's supposedly not allowed. this very-art-deco dress was featured on style bubble, bringing in a large crowd of bidders and, as a result, a lot of bidding wars. i spent WAY too much on it. this will be my last purchase for awhile, i promise!

my younger sisters hate it, but i think it's amazing. and it's mine!


Miranda said...

oh wow that is a dress?! not just a crazy belt?
that is really cool.
i support your purchase. hah

allison said...

oh wow! if that was a belt, it'd probably be a lot cheaper, and way more versatile! if only.

thanks for your support...i'm feeling a TAD guilty.

Anonymous said...

Love the dress!! So you. It has an Asian flair to it (the fan shape I guess) but you will turn heads in it. Any plans to wear it? --Diane Kelly