Sunday, March 16, 2008

jumper for joy!

spring has taken a particularly long time to arrive this year, but it's finally coming this thursday. mooka kinney's spring 2008 collection will follow not far behind, with their pieces arriving in shops in mid-april.

i personally can't wait to snag the nevele jumper. i know you don't see girls parading around in jumpers very often, but i think a pair of black opaque tights underneath will ease any trepidation about appearing in public in one.


Miranda said...

mmm this stuff is cute. i've never heard of mooka kinney. you make me want a jumper!

laura said...
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laura said...

Adorable. I want a lil jumper. And I want you to get a lil jumper. Then we should go to the beach. I believe it would look a lil something like this.
Except with more puppies..