Saturday, March 15, 2008

ridiculously easy scarves...

i'm away from home at the moment, so the posting will be short and sparse, but i just wanted to share a ridiculously easy and cheap way to add interest to your wardrobe. etsy is a fantastic resource for vintage and independent clothing alike, as well as home goods and other crafty things. i've recently become obsessed with purely decorative scarves, but i don't want to dip into the hipster-keffiyah thing (which i'm pretty sure is on the way out, anyway.)

fat quarters of fabric are the perfect hankerchief size, and they're super cheap. rather than go to a local fabric store (the ones around me are severely deficient), just search for "cotton fat quarter" on etsy and you'll find tons and tons of fabric scraps. most are under $5. it seems like a blatantly obvious idea (and believe me, i won't be surprised if everyone and their grandmother has already thought of this), but i didn't even think to do this until my hair stylist mentioned that her adorable scarf was just a random scrap of fabric.

cute fabric i've found:

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