Saturday, March 29, 2008

all dressed out

i own way too many dresses. i'm always on the lookout for new vintage dresses, and most ebay sites have those embroidered cotton mexican-style dresses for sale every so often. i love the way they look but fear they'll be too paper-sack-esque on me, so i never bid on them. old navy has a version that looks adorable, andd will let me try one on for myself! i rarely shop at old navy because of my aversion to malls, but i'm going to have to venture in and try it on, just to see.


Miranda said...

oh yeah that is cute. i love dresses too! can never have enough. i used to look on ebay allll the time for vintage ones but now the stores i shopped at have become really popular and everything ends up being way too expensive. :(

Tram said...

urgh, I have that fear too. that's why i avoid baby-doll tops and similar shapes 110 percent, but what a cute dress. I prefer the trapeze shape, but on ebay (like the blogger above me pointed out), the prices can soar in matters of hours on such items. le sigh.