Sunday, January 18, 2009

draw rings.

Katey Jean is my new favorite artist. Her stuff reminds me a bit of Carson Ellis (artist for the Decemberists and wife of Colin Meloy) and Denise Ann Simon* (now Denise Ann Holmes). You know when you find a band who can do no wrong? Sure, you have favorite songs, but their general aesthetic just meshes so well with your taste that it's scary? Katey Jean is like that for me.

From her site:

"My name is Katey-Jean Harvey, I'm an illustrator and painter currently based in Liverpool, UK. My work is often narrative based, creating a world where my grumpy girls in cute dresses can sulk about boys and hang out with skeletons and sausage dogs. I am very fond of thin paint brushes, grey paper and sneaking cats into all of my pictures. I graduated from Liverpool School of Art with a first class degree in Graphic Arts and have made pictures for Amelia's Magazine, Hot Club de Paris, Puzzle and Meshuggy."

Katey Jean's site
Katey Jean's Flickr
Katey Jean's blog

All pictures are from Katey Jean's site, with the exception of the first, which is from her Flickr.

Just a sidenote, but I can't stress how great Denise Ann Holmes's work looks in person. I have this print and it makes me giddy:

{Katey Jean discovered via Design for Mankind}

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Chelsea said...

Thanks so much for the introduction. Before I even read the text, I thought, She reminds me of Carson Ellis!:)