Friday, January 23, 2009

the chain letter of blogs.

The lovely Penny tagged me for this whole "fourth photo of fourth folder" thing. Here are the rules:
  • Go to the forth folder on your computer where you keep you photographs.
  • Choose the 4th picture.
  • Explain it.
  • Tag four other people.
This is what I got:

I keep loads and loads of picture folders. Interior design, streetstyle, MORE streetstyle, fashion editorials, photography I like, etc., etc. This picture comes from the blog of a delightfully charming Scandinavian (I think?) blogger. I'm awful, because I forget her name. I know she's popular on the blogosphere, but I did a (painful) cull of fashion blogs on my RSS reader a few months ago and hers was one that I got rid of. Eeep! Can someone help?

Anyway, I saved this picture because I really love full skirts of all kinds. I also love the mix of colors within and between each outfit.

I tag:

Tenacious Dee
My Style Lounge


Dennise said...

Yay! I love being tagged. I'll have to do mine tonight when I'm at my home computer. xo

maria said...

i think the photo come from this blog ( but i don't know if she is Scandinavian....
first time i comment here, i love your blog!
Sorry for my bad English

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