Sunday, December 28, 2008

words to live by.

"Do you swear you can't live without it? Well, then and only then can you mull over the dollars and cents. What does this have to do with my philosophy of life? Simply this: Do not be seduced by the deal. It's better to spend a lot on a getup you love than a fraction of that on something, or even five of those somethings, that you'll never bother to take out of the shopping bag. By the way, this advice also applies to discount love interests. And half-price sushi."

- Patricia Marx, from "The Price is Right"


KATLIN said...

SO TRUE! I always get enticed by the sales that online stores email me about, but my hopes deflate once I look at their stuff because it's either still too expensive or its crap. haha.

laura said... I saw from The Price is Right before I read the quote. So as I was reading it in a very "COOME ON DOOWN" type of voice.

It lost a lot of its effect that way.
And made me feel really dumb..