Tuesday, December 16, 2008

all quiet on the fashion front.

You may have noticed I haven't been writing much about fashion. This is because clothes are expensive and I'm trying to save money. The less I see fashion, the less I want fashion. THAT BEING SAID, here are some things I find divine and would not say no to:

Orange by Angela Chen skirt, available at Oak. Tiny fit means I don't have to get it tailored!

Church & State North Dakota blouse, available at Le Train Bleu. Right now it's on sale for the low low price of $206. (I'm kidding about that being low, youse guys!)

Lyell Star Top, available at La Garconne. How can a top be $425? Knowing this fact, how can I still want it?

Coat with Tulle skirt, available at Topshop. Probably cheap looking in person (it's only $160 and the fabric ain't looking so hot), but I love the idea of it.

Is there anything you guys and gals have been coveting, clothing or otherwise?

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