Tuesday, December 16, 2008

cheep cheep!

You know how I really wanted that J.Mendicino pigeon vase from Three Potato Four? I just couldn't justify spending $60 on a vase, so I decided to buy his less expensive, much smaller Talking Sparrow vase instead. I received it today in the mail and it is so so cute. The pictures on Three Potato Four's site really don't do it justice, because the three dots next to the cut out sparrow are meant to signify its words/chirps/whatever. It retails for $35 and is 4" high.

Also, I did some investigating, and J.Mendicino has other series of vases available for sale on his website as well. Here are a few of my favorites:

Additionally, he has an etsy shop for one-of-a-kinds and samples, including these very cute squirrel vases:

So...that's pretty much all of J.Mendicino's work for you. You guys are lucky I'm so obsessive!


christos v said...

i really like the book you have displayed next to the vase in the first picture... where did you get it? did you make it?

DG said...

Hey, just thought I'd let you know that J.Mendicino is a woman. I love her work too!!