Monday, December 29, 2008

so many signals.

I'm still evaluating what to do with my life, and it seems like there are so many signs that I should be in Portland or at least out of DC. Not that I follow that god forsaken "The Secret" mumbo jumbo, but perhaps it's my brain paying attention to any and all mentions of the place. I know there's a formal term for it, when you only choose to pay attention to things that compliment your beliefs and ignore those that contradict them? Ah yes, confirmation bias!

I was with a friend's uncle the other day, a man from Baltimore who happens to love Portland. I'm not sure what he does professionally, but he sells jewelry on the side and has made his way out there on several business trips. He hesitated to give me any advice, because he correctly assumed I had heard enough, but finally just said, "It's harder to get out of an area once you've established yourself there." I know that there are always exceptions, but it rang true in my ears.

I keep noticing my favorite etsy sellers and artists and fashion designers are from the area. It's odd, really.

And I just got an e-mail from a sympathetic writer who experienced a bout of unemployment. It simply said this:
"I found that leaving the DC area was the answer to my problems. It's a tough place, in so many ways."


KATLIN said...

DO IT!! :)

Penny said...

You are SO Portland. It's way cheaper than DC, way more chill, and the arts scene is vibrant.

Oh, and Stumptown is there.

I've said it once, and will say it again.......go! I'm not acting like it will (or should) be easy, but if you have to choose any place to relocate, Portland is such a good option.