Friday, February 22, 2008

these are a few of my (current) favorite things...

crystal castles (myspace)

this 2-piece band from toronto makes perfect (drunken) dance party music with 8-bit synths and an atari 5200 sound chip. they also make fantastic remixes. according to wikipedia, their music has been described as “innovative but pretty boring and pretentious”. ha!

crystal castles - good time

ivana xl (myspace)

ivana xl’s simple songs are some of the best i’ve heard. i don’t know how i discovered her, but i’m glad i did. her voice is sultry and her lyrics blend sarcasm with the type of heartbreaking honesty everyone can relate to. too bad she only plays in brooklyn (for now!). also, youaintnopicasso is totally crushing on her.

ivana xl - ghosts

mirah and spectratone international (myspace 1) // (myspace 2)

i’ve always liked mirah, but this cd is genius. it’s about insects and is a lot more gypsy-influenced than her other stuff. i’ve never thought of this painfully obvious comparison before, but she’s like a more accessible joanna newsom.

mirah and spectratone international - gestation of the sacred beetle

honorable musical mentions: yann tiersen, belaire, robotnicka, laura burhenn, ghostland observatory, jon brion. (i tried to avoid the obvious: hot chip, animal collective, and now vampire weekend - thanks pitchfork!)

rebecca turbow

i’ve coveted her designs for a long time, and she’s just recently started putting most of them in her online shop. rebecca just appeared in a new york magazine story about new yorkers who only wear one color. for eight years she wore turquoise (and white), but now she’s moved on to gray.

mooka kinney - (website)

i love these girls. i have no idea if jumpers will stay “in”, but thank god that there’s someone out there making clothes that fulfill my desire to forever dress like a little girl (and not in that weird schoolgirl-fetish way.)

portland, oregon (and stumptown coffee!)

i just visited my friend alex for a week to scope the place out, and i’m planning a relocation as soon as possible. it’s gorgeous, the coffee’s great, the pbr flows like water, and the hipster-watching is fantastic. plus, i've finally found a place in the states that's as liberal as i am.

tobias wong

tobias wong is an interesting artist. his latest piece is the “killer engagement ring” with the diamond pointing outwards. not that it’s meant for practicality, but i know i’d accidentally stab myself in the eye if i dared to wear it. this, on the other hand, is something i want in my apartment. sometimes i think my taste for clean minimalism veers toward patrick bateman’s place in american psycho. oh, wong’s also the one who invented the golden pills that promise to make your shit sparkle. lovely! and lastly...

french bulldogs

always. no explanation needed.

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