Wednesday, February 27, 2008

oh boy oh boy.

i am EXHAUSTED. i knew sxsw was big but jeeeeezus. at first i thought i’d listen to every rock, pop, electronic, alternative and experimental act, but i have to admit: i got lazy. quick. the ones without soundclips on the sxsw site i eventually (read: after 20 minutes) didn’t bother with. i also passed on a few with lame-sounding names. i’m sure i skipped over a ton of lovely bands but they did it to themselves, really. convenience, people! it’s the american way.

anyway, these are the bands i liked and would want to see if i was going to sxsw. alas, texas is far, and not particularly appealing (outside of austin). i also learned, through this tedious process, that british bands have sexier pictures. that’s not always a good thing. i had a funny example but i lost it. whoops.

go here for an exhaustive list of all the bands and performers being showcased.

bands i like(d) best:

the acorn - lullaby (ft. casey mecija) // myspace
recommended if you like: the folksier side of the arcade fire...though this song is nothing like that.

akron/family - phenomena // website
riyl: psychedelic folk, the archivist

a weather - spiders, snakes // website
riyl: hushed male/female vocals, rhodes pianos

bedroom walls - no wedding cake // myspace
riyl: stars, belaire

bellafea - thornbird // myspace
riyl: des ark, liza kate
(fun fact: they're the reason ambulette changed its name from bella lea!)

black moth super rainbow - sun lips // website
***highly recommended: i've been listening to sun lips nonstop since summer and it hasn't gotten old.
riyl: caribou, psychedelic goodness

the blow - parentheses // myspace
riyl: miranda july's short stories
***highly rec'd: if you haven't heard of the blow, step out from under that rock once in awhile, wouldja? plus, they're from portland. yay!

the cansecos - raised by wolves // website
riyl: chromeo

chromeo - fancy footwork
// website
riyl: michael jackson pre-1990, dancing like it's 1999

destroyer - foam hands // myspace
riyl: the new pornographers and the solo work of its members
(painter in your pocket was my favorite song of 2006)

the dimes - delilah (no, not hey there delilah, silly!)
riyl: les savy fav

the dodos - fools // myspace
this song has been in my head nonstop for the past three days. it's posted a few posts below. everyone needs to hear it, so checkit fools.

duchess says - black flag // website
riyl: the 80s, tom cruise movies

eagle seagull - i'm sorry but i'm beginning to hate your face // myspace
riyl: arcade fire, wolf parade, modest mouse

edison glass - all our memories // website
riyl: at the drive-in, dudes with pretty voices (wait for the chorus)

fanfarlo - fire escape
// website
riyl: "everything but country". you fucker.

georgie james - need your needs // website
***highly rec'd: dc locals laura burhenn and john davis (ex-q and not u) make the catchiest pop ever. this song is one of my faves.
riyl: the beatles, laura burhenn, girl/boy vocals

ghosthustler - only me to trust // myspace
riyl: the nintendo power glove!

hello seahorse! - won't say anything // website
riyl: camera obscura

islands - i feel evil (creeping in) (live) // website
***highly rec'd: finally new islands! they're such a fun band to see live since they're all so cute and multicultural.
riyl: the unicorns...was that too easy?

the kills - u.r.a. fever // website
riyl: this one reminds me of garbage, except if i actually liked them.

land of talk - speak to me bones // myspace
riyl: pj harvey, pinback, ambulette

jens lekman - the opposite of hallelujah // website
***highly rec'd: he’s probably the most adorable thing ever. his songwriting skills are superb. and the man knows how to make a damn good mix. every boy and girl i know that knows (of) jens is totes crushing.
riyl: poignant lyrics, sweden

lymbyc systym - fall bicycle // website
riyl: the letter y, post-rock

minipop - like i do
// website
riyl: emily haines, lady voices (y'know, just in general)

mom - skipping stones // myspace
riyl: babbling brooks, pretty instrumentals

mystery palace - stepchild // website
riyl: understated vocals, blips and bleeps

nancy - doe sangue // myspace
riyl: st. vincent

nik freitas - sun down // website
riyl: jon brion, a little bit o’ cheese

pig out - disco bag (radio edit)
// myspace
riyl: architecture in helsinki, lcd soundsystem

pterodactyl - esses // website
riyl: papercuts, panda bear, the alphabet

the russian futurists - let's get ready to crumble // website
***highly rec'd: the russian futurists are one of my FAVORITES. download this song. you won't regret it. i used to just drive around listening to paul simon (the song) on repeat.

riyl: panda bear, peter gabriel

say hi - northwestern girls // website
riyl: dirty liberals (like me!)

simian mobile disco - hustler
// website
***higly rec'd: their stuff is amazing. the video is sexy but objectifies women. actually, both videos for it do.

solid gold - bible thumper // myspace

spiral beach - made of stone
// website
riyl: land of talk, surf guitar, leopard print

the subjects - the hounds of war // website
riyl: adolescent uncertainty (uh...that's not a band. just so you know.)

torngat - you could be // website
riyl: trumpets, quirky instrumental pop (a la jon brion)

vampire weekend - cape cod kwassa kwassa
// website
***highly recommended: if only this song. it's great.
riyl: paul simon, pitchfork

the western civilization - love struck angel
// myspace
riyl: camera obscura...a lot.

white hinterland - dreaming of the plum trees // website
riyl: m.ward, regina spektor, charlie brown

woodhands - i wasn't made for fighting // myspace
riyl: the rapture, nerdy white guys


yellow fever - hellfire // myspace
riyl: stereolab, the velvet underground

whew. that was a long one. but i have to add: this lady wins best press photo, hands down.


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