Monday, February 25, 2008

going back on my word....

sometimes i say things forcefully and later embarrassingly have to retrace my steps and pretend the initial sentiment wasn't quite as strong as i first let on. so this is happening again with the cw's latest drama about overprivileged teens, gossip girl. i wrote it off completely at first, with its ridiculous dialogue and overdramatic storylines, but after watching the show a few times, i managed to find one redeeming quality: the real clothing line lorick, which is used on the show as character eleanor waldorf's clothing label. the clothes are pretty and feminine and way out of my price range. i doubt i'll watch the show unless i'm bored to tears, but at least it's not all bad.

also, i know i said i wouldn't post about hot chip, but their newest is so good it's making it hard to ignore. this song is particularly lovely:

hot chip - we're looking for a lot of love

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