Saturday, April 12, 2008

vicarious consumption, part two

i am broke again until may, so beyond buying the lens of my dreams and some semi-tacky denim cut-offs, i'm not spending any money. still, that doesn't mean i can't look for my friends and readers! here's my roundup of ebay items currently being auctioned to look out for.

blue high-waisted fern skirt, size XS/S, at mama stone vintage. current bid: $41.00

pleated suspender minidress, size XS, at indie cult vintage. current bid: $14.80

black suede pencil skirt, size 7 (maybe?) at voyou vintage. buy it now price: $7.99

vintage girl scout uniform, size XS at kingston avenue vintage. current bid: $10.50

abstract print bustier dress, size XS at nasty gal vintage. current bid: $81.00

purple flat knee-high boots, size 9 at bittersweet styles. current bid: $13.50

marc jacobs charcoal and pink blazer, size S at spanish moss vintage. current bid: $81.00

red mini trench with black faux fur, size XS at spanish moss vintage. current bid: $52.00

60s red floral top, size M at spanish moss vintage. current bid: $21.50

yay for vintage!


Brandi said...

Yay goodies!! Too bad everything is might think you were actually looking for YOU instead of your readers and friends who are giants. I did see a couple bigger things :) Hey, I'm small too but I'm 5'8".

Def. bookmarked all the cool vintage ebay stores for future did you find those?

And oooh...also adorable:

Sara said...

Those items are lovely :) Nice finds for summer. :)

allison said...

oh brandi, you're so right! i tried looking for all sizes but everything is teensy tiny. good for me, terrible for my bank account...