Monday, April 14, 2008

it's a small world after all...

there is so much overlap in the blogosphere, whether it's with music (two of my favorite blogs posted the same no age song today), fashion (karen walker and jesse kamm are everywhere, as is alyson fox) or design. i finally succumbed to the hype and bought a "keep calm and carry on" poster (which is a reproduction of a british WW2 original), after seeing it for the hundredth time and letting its charm seep into my conscience.

this polaroid heart, from april's cookie magazine, is everywhere as well. it's usually the simplest ideas that spread the fastest.

this poster is the latest internet fad, even gracing the cover of domino. i love the design and the cheekiness of the saying.

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Brandi said...

I love the polaroid heart...why can't I think as simply as that? That's one of my biggest challenges as a designer: breaking things down into simple, fun concepts. :(