Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sorry I suck at blogging. I've just been sick and stressed and, well, if you spend any time reading this blog you know I'm already kind of a low-energy person. So one thing happens and the rest falls to pieces, including this little blog. But! I'm back. For now, at least.

Sooo...I now have an apartment in Richmond and I'm so, so excited. It's got a gorgeous bay window and lots of natural light and an adorable white fireplace and a total Parisian vibe. The lobby has red carpet (creepy) and a huge painting done by the previous owner before she died (creepier). I believe the building has been around since 1897 and, while I don't believe in ghosts, I love thinking about hauntings.

I am on a pretty tight budget and have minimal furniture, but I bought the chair below on Craigslist for $50 and I'm pretty much using it as a starting point. The room at the top of this post was featured on Apartment Therapy and is pretty much what I would do with my place if I had a job and buckets of money.

Here's what I'm eyeing at Ikea and Urban Outfitters. Obviously I can't afford to buy all of this, but IwouldifIcould, you know?

This Couch:

With these legs:

Or this couch:

With pillows this color -- oh, that's the Ikea couch I like, with the good legs!:


The Obligatory rug:

This Coffee Table:

And these accents:

plus my 132354732523 art prints/accessories I've bought from etsy and other online shops.

Obviously I need side tables and lamps and a TV-holder and a TV but...I don't really know what I'm looking for and I'm thinking I can use crappy stand-ins until I actually make money/find something I like.

I also just realized I'm boring and like everything white. I've been told my style is very sterile and Patrick Bateman, but that's what the furry rugs are for!

To be honest, I'll probably just get one of those two couches and thrift the rest. Which one do you prefer?


Britni said...

Love the CL chair. Love. I like the Ikea couch. The first one, with the arms. And that picture from Apartment Therapy is to die for. But the cool thing about it, is you could totally recreate it on a budget. Just collect pieces little by little. By its totally doable for pretty cheap.

KATLIN said...

White couch?? Scary! I like the Urban one better, I dig the no arm thing. And I really like that chair you got!

miss d said...

i agree with katlin... anything i have that i white.. eventually turns to brown in about a week. not a safe color.. but i do like that it has the side panels.. i tend to fall off things often.. need things to hold me in at all costs...

sounds like you got a fun project on hand!!! paint your walls fun colors and that might help with the minimal furniture you have....

you can always resort to bean bags... heeheh...

Chelsea said...

congrats on the apartment!

katie said...

welcome to richmond! The land of tiny apts! If you are looking for furniture at a good price you should check out diversity thrift, it's a thrift store (obv) that helps the gay/lesbian/transexual/etc community. They also tend to have amazing finds for good prices you just have to hunt for a bit. I bought a perfect ethan allen love seat for $50! It ruled.......until my cats got to it. Anyway good luck and congrats!

LMB said...

Congratulations on finding a place! I hope there are good opportunities in Richmond for you.

SOTTO boutique said...


shi(f)t said...

i vote thrift....vintage is way better than assembly line